CRM That Moves Cars More Easily

Another Challenge Conquered

If your CRM is adding to your list of headaches, it’s time to try CDK Elead CRM.

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Customizable CRM in Just a Few Clicks

Opt in for follow-up alerts, customize workflows or execute marketing campaigns with an easy-to-use, simplified user experience.

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Success You Can Count On

By easily connecting calls to customer records and tracking team performance with CDK Elead, your Sales numbers will be very easy to love.

Your customers expect to have information at their fingertips and on multiple channels. But keeping up with their expectations can be impossible to manage by yourself. Who really has the time and resources to properly implement or train a dedicated in-house BDC?

CRM That Does It Better

CDK Elead CRM offers modern collaboration tools driven by seamless integrations. Fill out the form below for more information.