Make Your Texts and Emails Count

Text and Email Messages Are Effective Tools When Used Correctly

Text message (SMS) and email marketing are essential in today’s world, especially for dealerships. When compared to more traditional advertising media like TV, radio and newspapers, they're a very cost effective way to start meaningful conversations with potential customers.

SMS and email are not as simple as just writing a message and sending it. Between staying compliant with various regulations, creating enticing copy, and sending the right message at the right time, it can be difficult to find sustained success. We’ve created this guide to show you how to engage customers with smart messaging that will help move conversations forward.

Our E-Book Has SMS and Email Marketing Covered:

  • Email Do’s and Don’ts
  • Texting Do’s and Don’ts
  • Optimizing video in your email and text message marketing
  • Getting the right tools for integrated campaigns
  • Email and text templates you can start using today plus sample subject lines